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This section of the Environment Variables Unit documentation focusses on describing the usage of unit's code.

There is just one main unit in the project, named PJEnvVars that contains all the code except for that required to install the deprecated TPJEnvVars component into the Delphi IDE which is provided in the PJEnvVarsDsgn unit.

PJEnvVars contains a static class, , that provides methods for interogating, manipulating and modifying the environment variables available to the current process. It also contains routines and a component that provided similar functionality. However the component and routines are deprecated and are provided only for backward compatibiity. They should not be used in new code.

This documentation refers to v3.0 or later of the unit only.

Documentation for v2.0 can be found here.


This guide is divided into the following sections:


Identifiers in plain text appear like this:


Identifiers in links appear like this:

Values appear like this:


When an item or statement applies only to a later version of the project it will be marked with the earliest version number of the project to which it applies. For example:


Declarations appear in frames, for example:

procedure Foo(const Bar: string);


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