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I/O Utility ClassesOverview

This page provides an overview of the features of the I/O Utility Classes. If you are looking for information on programming with the classes please see the Programmers' Guide.

These classes are designed to assist in various I/O related tasks. Classes are provided to:

  • Simplify the opening of files in various different modes with specified security attributes and to provide access to the file handle.
  • Simplify working with un-named pipes.
  • Handle the formatting of data read from pipes, for example reading Unicode strings.

All the classes are compatible with the Delphi 7 and later 32 bit Windows compiler and the Delphi XE2 and later 64 bit Windows compiler.

Non-Windows targets are not supported.

Versions of these classes were originally included with the Console Application Runner Classes project v2, but were removed to this project as of 21 March 2013.

These classes will be removed from the next Console Application Runner Classes release.


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