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For now, the best documentation can be found in the project's ReadMe file, which documents the version of PasHiGUI that shipped with PasHi release 2.0.0 beta 1.

This documentation is being updated as PasHiGUI is approaches its stable 2.0 release. The user guide is being kept in sync, as far as possible, with the program as it is developed in the Subversion repository trunk. Consequently the user guide may not tie up exactly with the beta releases.


If you were looking for documentation for the PasHi command line program, see here.

PasHiGUI provides a GUI front end for the PasHi Pascal highlighter console application, and permits many of its options to be set graphically. PasHiGUI runs PasHi in the background using the options specified by the user.

Some PasHi options make little sense when used from a GUI and so they are not configurable from PasHiGUI.

PasHiGUI requires PasHi to be present in the same directory otherwise it will not be able to find it.


This user guide is divided into several main sections. They are:


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