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This section of the Stream Extension Classes documentation focusses on describing the classes, methods, properties etc. that make up the library.

Code removed from the project at v3.0 is not documented here.


The guide has the following main sections. Each section provides links to more detailed information.


Identifiers in plain text appear like this:


Identifiers in links appear like this:

Values appear like this:


Some items or statements relate only to certain versions of the project. Such items will have markers to make this clear. Examples of these markers are:

Indicates that the item was introduced in the given version and relates to that version and all later versions. In this case it shows the item relates to v2.0 and later.
[v2.0 to v3.0] or [v2.0-v3.0]
Shows that the item relates to a range of versions, inclusive. In this case the item relates to all versions from v2.0 to v3.0 inclusive, but no earlier or later versions.
[v1.0 only]
Shows that the item relates to a single version only, in this case v1.0.
[Next Release]
Shows that the item relates to features that will be introduced in the next release but is not in any current release. Source code in the trunk of the Subversion repository may contain these features.

Declarations appear in frames, for example:

procedure Foo(const Bar: string);


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