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Console Application Runner ClassesStdIn property

Project: Console Application Runner Classes

Unit: PJConsoleApp

Classes: TPJCustomConsoleApp, TPJConsoleApp

Introduced: v1.0

property StdIn: THandle;


This property is used to optionally redirect a console application's standard input.

If StdIn is set to 0 no redirection takes place.

Setting the property to a valid inheritable handle causes all input that the console application reads from standard input to actually be read from the specified handle.

The default property value is 0.


When redirecting, the input handle can be attached to any object that is open for reading. Normally this will be a file or a pipe.

Up until v2.0 you could use this project's TPJPipe and TPJFileHandle[v2.0] classes to help with opening pipes and files with inheritable handles. These classes were removed at v3.0, but are still available from the I/O Utility Classes project.

The property is public in TPJConsoleApp and protected in TPJCustomConsoleApp.

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