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I/O Utility ClassesTPJUnicodeBMPPipeFilter class

Project: I/O Utility Classes

Unit: PJPipeFilters


This pipe filter class constructs valid Unicode strings from chunks of data read from a pipe.

Data chunks may or may not be split on valid Unicode character boundaries. An event is triggered for each string read. Strings are also parsed into lines that are split by a specified end of line marker. Each line is notified to the user via another event.

The class works only with Unicode text from the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP).

TPJUnicodeBMPPipeFilter descends from TPJPipeFilter

† This class was also included in the Console Application Runner Classes project (v2.0 only).


Introduced in this class

The only method introduced in this class is an override of TObject.AfterConstruction to set default property values. There is no need to call this method directly.

Inherited from TPJPipeFilter

CreateObject constructor. Sets up object to filter a specified pipe.
ReadPipeReads all available data from the pipe.
FlushFlushes any unprocessed buffered data.
HaveUnprocessedDataChecks there is currently any buffered, unprocessed, data.


Introduced in this class

EOLMarkerEnd of line marker used when parsing text into lines.

Inherited from TPJPipeFilter

PipeRead only property providing access to the pipe that is being filtered.


OnLineEndEvent triggered when each end of line is reached.
OnTextEvent triggered whenever valid text is read from pipe.

No events are inherited.


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