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About Box Component FAQ

This page has some frequently asked questions about the DelphiDabbler About Box Component. You can also try the component's documentation.

If you still can't find an answer to your question then you should submit it via the website's contact page. Any answer it will be posted here.

How does the component load the information it displays?

There are two ways of providing the information to be displayed in the about box.

The simplest is to simply set the ProgramName, Version, Copyright and Notes properties to the required values. This can be done at design time. For this to take effect ensure that nothing is assigned to the VersionInfo property.

The alternative is to enable the component to get the required information from the program's version information resources, if they exist.

First, drop a TPJVersionInfo component on the same form as the About Box Component. Leaving all the TPJVersionInfo component's properties at their default values ensures that it reads your program's version information resources.

Now set the about box component's VersionInfo property to reference the TPJVersionInfo component. That's all you need to do. The about box will now automatically get the text to display from the program's version information. For details about which string table values are used see the documentation of the VersionInfo property.

Any plans to make the component compatible with Unicode Delphis?

The component has been Unicode compatible since v3.5. If you're using an older version you need to update it. You will loose support for Delphi 1 though!

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