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This page is designed to help you contribute to the Wiki.


All pages are password protected. To get a password please contact the administrator and provide your name and email address. A profile page will also be set up for you. You can add info about yourself to your profile if you wish.

I tried to avoid password protecting the wiki's content but I've been forced into it because some morons have been defacing the wiki.


To edit a page click the Edit link that you'll find at the top right and bottom of the page. The first time you do this in any group you will have to provide your password.

Pages are written using a simple markup. This Wiki uses PmWiki and so uses their markup language. You can get full details from the Basic editing page on the PmWiki site.

You will have to provide an author name before you can save any edits (mine is PJ). It is helpful if you can also provide a comment to describe the changes you made. The author name and comments will appear in lists of recent changes.

Missing Pages

If you see a link followed by a super-scripted question mark then the page the link references doesn't exist yet. You can go ahead and create the page just by clicking the link and entering some content. You may need to provide your password.

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