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Delphi IDE Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts were valid as of Delphi 2006, using the default key mapping.

Key combinationAction
Ctrl+JInvoke code templates
Ctrl+TDelete current word
Ctrl+EIncremental search
Ctrl+YDelete current line
Ctrl+O+CSelect a columnar block of text
Ctrl+O+LNormal text selection mode (use to return to normal selection behaviour after using Ctrl+O+C)
Ctrl+Shift+GInsert a new GUID at the cursor position
Ctrl+Shift+IIndent the current selected block
Ctrl+Shift+UOutdent the current selected block
Ctrl+Shift+YDelete to the end of line
Ctrl+Shift+JInvoke syncedit
Alt+[Match pair forward
Alt+]Match pair backward
Alt+RightArrowBrowse forward (hotlink history)
Alt+LeftArrowBrowse backward (hotlink history)
Alt+UpArrowBrowse to symbol under editor cursor (invoke a hotlink and add it to the hotlink history)
F4Run program to current cursor position
F5Toggle breakpoint
F7Debugger step into
F8Debugger step over
F9Run program under debugger
Ctrl+F12View units
Alt+GGoto line number in editor
Ctrl+Shift+RStart/Stop recording editor macro
Ctrl+Shift+PPlay editor macro
Ctrl+SpaceInvoke code completion
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceInvoke code parameter hints
Ctrl+EnterOpen file at cursor
Ctrl+Shift+CInvoke class completion for the class that currently contains the cursor
Ctrl+Shift+UpArrowNavigate to method implementation/declaration
Ctrl+Shift+DownArrowNavigate to method implementation/declaration
Ctrl+Alt+UpArrowNavigate to previous method implementation in lexical order
Ctrl+Alt+DownArrowNavigate to next method implementation in lexical order
Ctrl+Alt+HomeNavigate to the lexically first method implementation in this source unit
Ctrl+Alt+EndNavigate to the lexically last method implementation in this source unit
Ctrl+/Toggle comment per line or selected block
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